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#EFT #Tapping #EmotionalFreedomTechnques Ripple Effect with Lori Lamont.

#EFT #Tapping #EmotionalFreedomTechnques Ripple Effect with Lori Lamont.

Lori Lamont is a Certified and Accredited Advanced EFT Practitioner through EFT International (formerly AAMET). She is also certified in Matrix Reimprinting and level 2 Goddess Reiki. Lori guides and inspires women to claim their power through EFT classes, workshops, motivational speeches, videos and sessions.

On her EFT journey, Lori has become competent at helping women to really get unstuck whether that is through weight loss, increased finances or improved relationships. Being a mother of 4, married, and a business owner, Lori understand what it is like to be pulled in too many directions. Lori have learned how to use EFT to her advantage, how to balance life, and how to live life to the fullest. Lori has naturally become known for her work with mothers, teaching them the power behind their energy, thoughts and emotions. Lori teach moms how to use EFT to have a positive impact on their children and more harmony in the home.

Lori is on track to becoming an EFT master and trainer. Doing so, she has taken it upon herself to train with many different trainers. This has given her a wide variety of perspectives, styles and ideas. Lori is definitely an "out of the box" practitioner with a unique style. Whether working with an EFT virgin, or a long-time practitioner, Lori is passionate about self-empowerment through EFT and loves to share it with the world.

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Lori has an online class called "Tapping Into Your Superhero-Mom" that can be found on my website with special pricing for the next 8 participants.

Free discovery call and free gifts available on my website as well.

Joan teaches and consults around the world using Specific EFT/ tapping and chakra balancing. Joan is certified in cognitive behavioral therapy, energy healing and is an advanced practitioner of #EFT from EFT International and the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology.

EFT Seminars with contact hours for mental health professionals.

Clinical Application of Emotional Freedom Techniques for OCD

Clinical Application of Emotional Freedom Techniques for Trichotillomania and Dermatillomania.

Introduction to the Art and Science of Emotional Freedom Techniques

Virtual consulting around the world through Zoom.



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