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Create Unstoppable Teams - Part 2 with Larry Yatch

Create Unstoppable Teams - Part 2 with Larry Yatch

Part 2 of my podcast with Larry Yatch. This interview gets better and better. Larry is unstoppable. You will be too as you listen. Contact Larry to build your team.

Larry Yatch served as a Navy Seal from 1998-2008. There is no higher purpose or more rigorous training than becoming a Navy Seal.

"No matter what you do, you are a part of a team - in life, in relationships and in business. Your ability to coordinate action and results with others is what allows you to be effective or not in every aspect of your life. The Navy SEAL teams are considered one of the highest performing teams in the world. They lead themselves and others in the most extreme environments on what many would term “impossible missions,” yet they do this with a sense of calm and ease.

What would be possible for you if your team completed projects faster with less input from you? What would it be like to have a team that starts on the same page for every project, in perfect alignment with each other? What would it feel like to have your leaders instilling purpose and passion into the team at every turn?

Looking forward to connecting."..Larry Yatch

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